Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome to my Blaaaaahg!

In a truly hypocritical move I decided to start a blog. I've been highly critical of the Blogsphere over the past few years primarily due to me spending 5 minutes watching a CNN program in which they spent the entire show browsing blogs. (That and I think BLOG still sounds pretty lame. Henceforth I shall refer to it as an Imperative Post of Awesomeness. IPA For short)  Since then however I have found myself following several athletes and friends IPAs. In a flash of insight I determined that not all IPAs are worthless and that people truly have interesting things to say. I've decided to add my voice to the masses.

This will by no means be an online diary as I have no wish to give my zero followers insight into how my mind works. (Not well) Instead I will dazzle you with my wealth of knowledge on the topics of brewing, ultrarunning and nutrition. In actuality you will read my posts as I attempt to acquire a greater understanding and appreciation for these three awesome hobbies. My primary objective will be to decrease the frequency in which I drag my wife into running conversations by instead posting about my latest running exploits. I decided I'm not a good enough runner to have an IPA focused solely on my race for mediocrity so I threw in two other interests, brewing and nutrition, to give myself some additional IPA fuel.  A secondary objective would be to motivate anybody who happens to stumble across these posts to take up one of these hobbies.

I decided IPA is a stupid way to refer to a blog. It works better as a beer. Back to the term blog...for now....

Oh hey it's snowing! Time to go for a run!

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